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The Malcolm X Theory

I didn't write this, but I did find it interesting due to all the secrecy surrounding Obama's birth certificate.

Drunk on radical ideology, Stanley "Ann" Dunham meets and becomes pregnant in the summer of 1960 in Seattle WA with the baby of Malcolm X, a prominent black liberal activist who is in Washington at the time forming the Nation of Islam Temple No.67 - 5943 Empire Way. But in 1960, unmarried parents and children suffered penalties ranging from confinement in isolated maternity homes to parental rejection and community disapproval. To be "illegitimate" was to be shamed and shunned and labeled as immoral. The belief that children born out of wedlock posed significant social and public health problems was widespread. In the case of mixed race children, perceptions of illegitimacy were compounded by legal segregation in education, housing, employment, and voting. Recall that it wasn't until 1965 that The National Voting Rights Act was passed to outlaw discriminatory voting practices that had been responsible for the widespread disenfranchisement of African Americans. Laws against interracial marriage and interracial sex existed in several US states and US territories until a Supreme Court decision in 1967.

With racial unrest at its peak, the Dunham's wanted to move as far away as possible from their predominantly white conservative community to allow Ann to have her illegitimate child in relative obscurity. So the Dunham's abruptly moved to the new state of Hawaii (Aug of 1959) where whites were the minority and a mixed race child would be more accepted. In a 1959 interview with the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Obama Sr. described the absence of racial prejudice in Hawaii as "unique." No one, he marveled, "seems to be conscious of color." Obama Sr's perceptions of race relations in Hawaii were that he thought it "rather strange ... even rather amusing, to see Caucasians discriminated against here."

In the early 1960's there were noticeable very few African Americans on the streets of Honolulu, and Obama Sr. was the only Black man from Africa on the island. Ann Dunham, in an effort to legitimize her mixed race baby, would have sought out one of the only black men on the island to convince him to use his name. And so Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was likely pressed into service as father and husband in name only. Barack Sr. had no moral objections because to gain recognition in the Kenyan community, one needed to be polygamous. Polygamy enhanced your status, and symbolized that you were a wealthy man. Obama Sr's name on the certificate of birth would legitimize the birth, and conceal the identity of the true father,a win-win for all parties.

Barack Sr. was being paid by a key member of the Laubach Literacy Institute (LLI). The LLI had links to the Nation of Islam and embraced a Pan-African styled philosophy. Pan-Africanism is a sociopolitical world view, and philosophy, as well as a movement, which seeks to unify both native Africans and those of the African descent, as part of a "global African community". This separatist style philosophy was embraced by Malcolm X and the NOI and is still being preached at Trinity Church in Chicago famously by former leader Rev. Wright (Obama Jr's pastor for 20 years). LLI's even more ambitious goal was to make the concept of sovereign nations with borders obsolete. This would be done through "peaceful social change" as stated on their website.

Ann Dunham's mortified family was determined to give their wayward daughter a second chance to find a normal life by raising Barack Hussein Obama Jr. for her, and allowing her to return to her collegiate life. Immediately upon her child's birth supposedly in August of 1961, Ann left her supposed new husband and only days old Barack Hussein Obama Jr. behind in Hawaii to be raised by his grandmother. Ann flew back to Washington State to help stir the anti-establishment cauldron of socialists, communists, civil rights and self defense organizations including the Nation of Islam, and the Black Panther Party, which were boiling over in Seattle and possibly visit the baby's real father. She started classes at the U of Washington in Aug 1961, the same month she supposedly had Barack Hussein Obama Jr. in Honolulu. This explains why none of Barrack Hussein Obama Sr.'s friends from Hawaii remember Ann or Barrack Obama Jr. When Obama Sr. left Hawaii in 1962, he never mentioned Ann Dunham or Barack Hussein Obama Jr. to even his closest friends. Obama Jr. has never produced records of his supposed parent's marriage or divorce most likely because they don't exist.

Obama SRObamaMalcom X

Barack Obama Sr             Barack Obama Jr.                  Malcolm X

Ht: Approx. 5'-10"          Ht: Approx. 6'-2"                Ht: Approx. 6'-3"

Obama has withheld the documents that would prove this theorie wrong, or is it wrong. There is a reason he is keeping his records sealed and offered up the doctored long form birth cirtificate, this may be another reason.

The physical mannerisms and speech cadence and tonal quality of Malcolm X have an uncanny resemblance to Barack Hussein Obama Jr. Check it out.

1960 Stanley Ann Dunham graduated high school and Malcolm X forms the Nation of Islam Temple No.67 in Seattle, did their paths cross?

Obama is withholding the documents that would prove this theory wrong, or is it wrong. There is a reason Obama is hiding those documents and for now this is as good a reason as anything Obama has offered, and everything he has offered so far has been a lie.